Saturday, July 05, 2008

Good morning. Mark will take me to the airport in the rental car, then he'll drop the car off. He took all of next week off from work, originally with the intent of studying and because it's his birthday on Tuesday, so it's not like he'll need the rental car to get to work.

I hope to heck he uses some of that freakin' time off to take his own car to our mechanic's. The coolant leak has nothing to do with the previous issues that cropped up with his car (he think's it's the fuel pump, and I think it might be the transmission). But he can any and all problems taken care of during his time off from work.

Now I need to turn in. I'll have to be up early to make sure everything's taken care of before I leave. Right now, I think the only things I'll need to pack are the cell phone charger and my meds. I think everything else is ready to go.

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