Friday, July 25, 2008

No wonder I don't watch game shows

I happened to catch part of Family Feud this morning. I can't FREAKING believe that the people who answered the survey are as dimwitted as they are.

The question: Name an animal with spots. Answers included "leopards", "Dalmations", and I believe "Cheetahs". The long and short of it is that in the end, only Answer #3 remained unguessed by either team.

Once both teams missed out on their attempt to guess it, the answer was exposed. No wonder nobody got the answer. The third-most popular answer for "name an animal with spots" was...


Tigers? Double-U Tee Eff? *TIGERS*?! Who in the flying farg thinks that TIGERS have SPOTS? And more to the point, how did they get enough numbwitted people to answer their survey that "Tigers" was the THIRD most popular answer?

The people in charge of Family Feud actually had the host display a large photo of a tiger's head, on which we can see that its EARS are black with a big white spot on them. Therefore, tigers DO have spots and there's no need to send letters to the producers.

Is this an example of the lowest-common-denominator that our educational system has become? Never mind whether we have No Child Left Behind... apparently we have a whole farging lot of ADULTS who got left behind somewhere. You can tell who they are because they think that TIGERS have SPOTS.

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