Wednesday, June 16, 2004

The undecorating commences.

I just took down the seven rally towels that I collected from various Flyers and Phantoms games. I'll bring them home tonight. Ditto for the "Flyers Locker Room" sign, the Phantoms frisbee, and the plaque with the Brian Boucher hockey cards, my water bottle and my coffee mug.

With the rain that's been in the forecast lately, I figured towels were the safest thing to attempt to transport. Water won't hurt them. I removed the last couple of reams of printer paper from a nearly-empty box, and everything fits just fine. (Well, the sign's a bit too long, but it's plastic so it won't be damaged by rain.)

I saw the posting for Administrative Assistant on the company bulletin board today. I presume it's the opening that was/will be created when the person who is joining this department transfers out of her former department.

I'll be handing in a resume for consideration, but my hopes are not high that I'll even make the short list. I suspect I'll be stuck behind another logjam of other in-house employees looking to transfer.

For the record, I started undecorating prior to seeing the job opening. So I was already somewhat depressed BEFORE I read the post and wondered if I'd even have a shot at being considered for it.

As for the other opening I applied for a few weeks ago, Karla's department has received resumes from people with a lot more insurance-related experience than I've got. That's probably the direction they're going to go.

My morale could be a lot better right now. A LOT better.

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