Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I can't believe I forgot my freaking glasses. This is the first time in my life I've driven without either glasses or contact lenses, and it's a little bit annoying.

Fortunately, my nearsightedness isn't all that bad. Thank God. But take it from me, this is good incentive not to make the same mistake a second time.

Verizon had to reschedule their repair appointment with us. Now they're supposed to come TONIGHT. I guess I'll find out when I get home from my hair appointment whether they actually made good on their promise or not.

God seems to be letting things fall into place with this interview -- it took me a few phone calls to Ruth, where we played telephone tag with one another's answering machines/voice mail. But she finally got through on my cell phone last night and we arranged a 5 PM appointment. So by this time tomorrow, I'll have had my hair done. This is good not only because of the impending interview, but because the hot weather is coming in FAST. The longer my mane is, the harder it is to stay cool when the weather starts to go into Three H Mode -- hazy, hot, and humid.

Yesterday, I found a letter on my job-search hotmail account that had the subject "Your Resume". I checked it out, and it was an offer to apply for work on a website called . Something about tone of the site itself reminded me of the "WORK AT HOME, BIG MONEY" sites I ran across when I was researching the possibility of earning extra income by working at home. I ran "" through a couple of search engines and sure enough, my suspicions had merit. There are TONS of complaints against that company. One site nicknamed them "Fire Bug" and described the experiences of people who had signed on with the company. Apparently, a person doesn't earn their commission and become "vested" until they have 50 open accounts, which I presume means that they have brought 50 people on board to work for . But the company fires them before they reach that magic number of 50, and so they basically have worked for free. As per the information I found, the principals of this company have also been investigated for fraud due to their involvement in prior internet hiring schemes.

I know that more than one of my friends is in a job search. I'm not always sure which friends are reading this blog at any given point. But for the record, if any of you get an email from , trying to recruit you to work for them, don't respond until you've done some research on the company. Run the company name through some search engines and get the most current information you can find on them. And if you are NOT in a job search, but know someone who is, pass that same information along to them.