Friday, June 18, 2004


Today is a repeat of yesterday, when I woke up feeling better (not perfect, just better), and the migraine started creeping back into existence by the late morning.

Come to think of it, it's a repeat of Wednesday, too -- that's pretty much the way the freaking migraine started in the first place.

I've already e-mailed Mark at work to ask him to track down catnip tea today. That's only fair, since he's the one that used the last of the previous box we had.

I've also e-mailed Sr. K from the Archdiocese, to let her know that the other interpreter who works at my old parish has asked me to sub for her on the fourth Sunday of this month, and that I've agreed to do it. That way, Sister can keep the records straight as to who will be paid for which week.

There have been episodes in the past where I've agreed to fill in one person or another at church, but to my surprise, the other 'terp did NOT notify the Archdiocese. Ummm, we aren't supposed to get paid for weeks we miss. So when nobody calls to say there's been a change in the schedule, the Archdiocese ends up paying TWICE for the same Mass. They DO compensate the substitute interpreter once the sub calls and inquires after the payment they're still waiting for, after having already paid the person who didn't show up.

At any rate, I've learned not to rely on other people to call. Whether the people in the past flat-out forgot to call, or whether they were trying to sneak in an extra Mass's worth of payment, is not for me to judge. That's for them to decide. But either way, I decided a couple years ago to just save Sister the trouble, and the Archdiocese the money, and notify her in advance when I'm filling in on an extra Sunday.

BTW, I'm glad that I have some paperwork-type things to do this afternoon. If I can skew my time toward doing tasks that don't involve looking at the computer screen, maybe my eyes will feel better.

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