Thursday, June 24, 2004

It's such a culture shock to come in here and have so much less data entry work to do now than I did a few days ago. Last week at this time, I was busting my tail trying to get 40 submissions into the system before the day ended. This week, it's been a lot quieter.

I know that's because they're trying to shift as much of what I do over to the person who transferred over here as they can. (I'll just call her "H". I'm not comfortable using her first name because it's an alternate spelling of a more-familiar first name; it might be unusual enough that if someone Googles it, this blog will show up. I recently found one of my own blog posts about migraines when I was Googling for information on migraine relief, so it can happen.)

Anyway, as I was saying, I know she's getting a lot of the data entry work that normally would have come to me. What I don't know, and what I probably won't find out for at least a couple of weeks, is whether the combination of her original responsibilities plus the parts of MY job that got moved over to her job description will be too much for one person to handle in a normal day's work.

Personally, *I* think it will be an overload. But the company will have to see that for itself. Last April, they tried giving my data entry to some other ladies who do the same type of thing for the Property department, and it failed. They were overloaded. Prior to that, they tried to give my data entry to the PREVIOUS person who was working in the job slot H is in now, the one who resigned a couple months ago. She just couldn't get to the data entry as soon as someone whose JOB revolves around getting the submisisons entered into the system could do it. As a result, time-sensitive info sat unentered, and the experiment was deemed a failure.

I'm not entirely sure what it's going to take for the upper-level decision makers to realize that THIS WORK CONSTITUTES A FULL TIME JOB ALL BY ITSELF. The entire reason that this department brought a temp on board to begin with was that they were too overworked to keep up with the data entry along with all their other responsibilities. And ever since I've been here, it's been a situation where every couple of months, they've tried to transfer work that I do to other people and it's been a failure. First it was the other person in this department, then it was the *TWO* people in the Property department (imagine that! TWO people combined couldn't find a timely way to squeeze this department's data entry work into their day), and now it's H.

If I was a gambling person, I'd be betting against H being able to keep up with the data entry as well as this department has become accustomed to, considering the amount of other work she also has on her plate. The only question is, will the upper-level decision makers realize this before or after they cut my job and/or I find work elsewhere?

Stay tuned. My interview is tomorrow morning.

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