Tuesday, June 22, 2004

The un-decorating continues.

I had a blueprint mailer type box from Express Mail. I brought it in to work, and I was able to fit all the posters into it. I put them all flat on the desk, then carefully made one big roll with all the posters in it, and they fit just fine into the mailer.

Then I took down my magnets (including my Phantoms dry-erase board), my couple of stuffed animals, and some smaller pictures and things. They fit into an empty Office Basics box.

I still have my bobblehead committee and the things that were on my shelf. I'll keep those until I leave here for real, so at least I'll have SOMEthing to look at during the day. Oh, and I have my little electric fan and my radio. Those stay as long as I do, too.

As wilted as I feel, I'm surprised I managed to muster enough energy to do it.

I deliberately waited until everyone in the neighboring cubicles was gone, so they wouldn't see me taking the stuff down and ask questions.

It was hard.

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