Saturday, June 19, 2004

Mark came home with THREE boxes of catnip tea last night. :o) He went to a GNC close to his workplace, and they had it in stock.

Heck only knows what the guy in the GNC near here was talking about, with that "discontinuing some kinds of herbal tea" stuff. It doesn't appear that catnip tea is on the way out, in any case, which is a Good Thing.

Today should be good. There's going to be a deaf-blind group outing to Atlantic City. My friend KC is in the area from California, after having visited her son, who's in the Navy and is a commander on a submarine.

Unfortunately, her son is going to ship out to Afghanistan tomorrow (Father's Day). :o( That's why she's on the East Coast to visit him, so she can spend time with him before he goes.

Since she's got a lot of friends in this time zone, after being with Paul she's coming up here to the PA/NJ area to see them. She lived in PA for many years before moving out to California, so she knows a lot of people.

Unfortunately, she hasn't got her guide dog Gypsy with her for this go-round. I love that dog. At AADB last summer, I was giving her nicknames like "knee duster" and "toe warmer". That's because whenever I was walking next to KC, Gypsy would wag her tail and dust off our knees, and when we sat down, she'd find a way to position herself so she was on our toes. :o) If she was here, she'd probably sit on our toes all the way during the drive to AC, and then dust off our knees all day while we were walking. But I guess I'll have to have her dust my knees and warm my toes some other time, since she's back in California right now.

Right now the people I KNOW are going to AC are Jean J and Joe J, Jay, KC, Mark and me. That's actually a good distribution -- three deaf-blind and three sighted guides. Jean will pick up Jay at the SEPTA train station near where she lives. She has a van, which we will all be able to fit in, so fortunately we won't have to worry about following each other all the way to the shore. They'll pick up Mark and me at about 12:30.

This is something like the fifth or sixth Saturday in a row that I've been out doing stuff, walking around, getting sunshine, which is great. That's literally what the doctor ordered (to walk more and get sunlight, both of which are good for the serotonin levels). And considering that I've spent the past two weeks or so feeling like there's a gray cloud hovering over my head at all times, anything that boosts the serotonin levels would be a welcome thing.

OK, off to get ready... I hope I have nice stories about how one of us became a zillionaire at the casinos to post later! (Yeah, I know, and then I wake up. ;o) )

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