Thursday, June 03, 2004

Ha ha! You know what a "song stuck in your head" is called?

An earworm!


So in other words, I still have two "Smarty Jones" ballads competing to be my current earworm, any time that I'm not listening to a radio that's playing another tune.

I suppose it's my own fault. Maybe I shouldn't be singing those ballads to the cat, substituting "Harmony" in place of the horse's name and changing the rest of the lyrics on the fly to kitty-related words. But I can't help it. The pampered furball loves to be sung to and she purrs herself silly when I do it. :o)

All the same, maybe it's time I sing some other things to Harmony instead. She won't care which songs she's having sung to her, and I will shake off these two earworms once and for all.

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