Thursday, June 24, 2004

Just as I was finishing lunch, lo and behold! I got about a dozen submissions to enter into the system. That's more than I had all day yesterday. It's more than I had on either Monday or Tuesday, too.

I wonder if there's a backlog developing already. My work levels didn't begin to rebound this quickly when they were trying to shift my data entry to other people before. Both times, it took a few WEEKS for them to figure out that the new workflow was less efficient.

Tomorrow should be interesting. My interview is in the morning, but I intend to go in and work during the afternoon. I'm curious to see how much or how little work finds its way to my inbox during that time span.

In other news... the phone connection to our house is HALF-fixed. The downstairs phones work; the upstairs ones are still dead. So the Verizon tech will be coming again on Monday afternoon. Mark will have to take half the day off.

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