Wednesday, June 23, 2004

OK, my HAIR is now ready for my interview. :o)

There was such a collection of hair clippings all over the floor, that when the hairdresser swept it all together into a pile, I took a picture of it with my camera phone and sent it to Mark with the title "Hair we go!" The pile was the size of a small throw pillow.

A side benefit of this is that not only will my shorter (not short, just shorter) hair be easier to care for, but I won't melt quite so much now that the summer has officially arrived. Thick hair is a good insulator that traps body heat, and DARK hair absorbs the sun's heat like you wouldn't believe. That's an unfortunate combination at this time of year, and it would have become even more of an issue once July and August rolled around.

Heck, I feel cooler already... for the first time in a while, I can sit in our computer room (aka the smallest of the three bedrooms in the house) and not feel like I'm about to melt. The computer throws a lot of heat, and the second floor of the house isn't as efficiently cooled by the A/C as the first floor is, so it can get pretty warm in here. But I feel OK, even though I'm sure this room is the warmest one in the house at the moment.

My hairdresser and I chatted as she cut my hair, and I found out that she's had a rough time of it so far this year. Her parents both passed away in January, and her little old cat that lived in the beauty shop died in March. I feel sorry for her. Any one of those losses would be heartbreaking enough on its own, but to have three major bereavements within a couple of months... OUCH. :o( Poor lady. She's really nice, and I hope things make a major turn for the better for her from here on out.

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