Saturday, June 26, 2004

I'm watching the NHL draft, even though the Flyers haven't got a pick in the first two rounds.

I just have this feeling that there's going to be some kind of trade announced today, and that I would rather sit here and watch the draft and find out about it now than learn about it later.

As for yesterday's interview... since I wasn't told until the VERY end of the interview that there would be a second part, consisting of an aptitude test, I presume I "passed" the first part of the interview enough to warrant a second look. Otherwise, he could simply have shaken my hand and said no more about it.

He said I'd be contacted within a few days, but he also said on Monday (when I arranged the interview appointment) that he was going on vacation for ten days after this week. So either I won't hear from him for ten days at the least, or else someone else from the office will be calling to set up the aptitude test appointment.

One of the things we talked about during the interview is my customer service experience, including my time at the bank when I was on call, and my time in the routing department of Nameless Nationwide Department Store. I described how I had to keep my cool even when the person on the other end of the line was ranting and upset. This includes, not only having profanities screamed at me by the Harridan of the Day candidates from the routing department temp assignment, but also trying to extract usable information while talking to an upset computer user who's encountering system problems, when I was on call. I didn't HAVE to exaggerate while describing either situation to get my point across, believe me.

I talked about knowing ASL, and recalled one of my temp assignments as a receptionist for a social services agency, when a family with deaf kids came in and I was able to greet them all with both English and by signing.

Then I mentioned that if I worked for this agency, I would hand business cards to Deaf friends I have, because the Deaf Community is close-knit and they look for Deaf-friendly businesses. If they know that someone who can interpret is working at the agency, it's likely that they'll tell friends, who will tell THEIR friends, etc.

Obviously, I couldn't flat-out promise that would translate into new customers, and I'm sure he knows that too. But the chance does definitely exist that additional business would come their way, so I mentioned it.

I even talked about the fact that I know braille. I originally learned it because I wanted to be able to do things like sign birthday cards for blind friends, and send letters to people (because I got involved with the deaf-blind community well in advance of e-mail and braille computer equipment becoming widespread).

What I DIDN'T mention is that I have some wheels turning in my head about how the agency could pursue getting some of their advertising pamphlets done in braille and large print, for customers who have vision loss. I figured I'm not going to recommend ways for him to spend his money, not the first time I set eyes on the guy. (Well, the second time, if you count the fact that Mark and I have our insurance there.)

Now if he hires me and I put in enough time to make an impression as a dedicated worker, THEN I'll look for the opportunity to spring that suggestion on him about braille and large-print literature. :o) But first things first. If I don't get a job there, I'm not suggesting anything.

I can't believe I'm still so tired. I have felt worn out since I got home from the interview. Boy, if this is how I feel even when I think the session went WELL, I'd hate to think of how drained I would be if I'd thought it went poorly.

It's the stress. I know it is. I hate not knowing what's up with this job I applied for, I hate not knowing what's in store for the temp assignment I have now. I hate not knowing, period.

Oh, well. I need to take a phone call, so I'd better hit "send".

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