Tuesday, June 15, 2004

In preparation for trying to sell some original photographs on eBay, I looked up the various fees that would be incurred if I used both eBay and PayPal to complete the transaction.

To make a long story short, I crunched a few numbers just to get an idea of what impact the fees would have on what could be earned. Two examples are that if I set a starting bid at $5.00 and a photo sold for that price, then once the fees were taken out, the remainder would be $3.93. If I set a starting bid at $10.00 and it sold at that price, after the fees I would be earning $8.28.

Boy, no wonder people tack on a bit extra to the shipping charges when they're selling an item. It helps them recoup some of the $ that gets subtracted from the selling price once the fees are paid.

Considering that I'm also going to have to invest in photo mailers or some other kind of protective packaging as well, I'll have to factor that in when I set the shipping charges and the minimum bid. Otherwise, I'll end up spending more than I earn, which of course is exactly the OPPOSITE of my intent.

I'm still reviewing the photos on sale on eBay to see what the going rates are. There's no sense in setting a starting price that's too high to attract any interest.

Right now, though, what I really need to do is hit the "post" key on this entry and log off. I've been staring at computer screens ALL day, including the time I spent taking minutes at the PPPC meeting tonight, and I have a colossal case of eyestrain. So, good night!

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