Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sorry, all... the guest book is suspended. I'm not spending the rest of my vacation deleting spam posts via the cell phone (a tedious process, at best).

I've felt better over the past few days than I have in MONTHS. I'm not going to undo it all by wasting my time getting aggravated at having to remove ads from my guest book.

My silly side has resurfaced with gusto. (I originally was going to say, "with a vengeance", but putting silly and vengeance in the same sentence seemed to be an oxymoron.) So much so that it's a real eye-opener to me as to how infrequently I get genuinely silly anymore. This is what happens when you revisit a place you've loved all your life and spent a lot of growing-up time in.

I like THIS version of me a lot better than (what has become) the regular me. I'm going to have to find a way to bring this outlook on life home with me.

And the rest of you will just have to deal with all the extra puns I make. It's your lot in life. :o)

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