Monday, August 20, 2007

Aunt Rita's Rooster


Edit: Darn. This was originally a MMS message that I sent from my phone to Mark's phone, complete with the sound of the rooster crowing. (Aunt Rita's rooster, shown above, crows whenever someone walks past it.) I was curious to see how a message containing both a picture and sound would look if I sent it to the blog.

Apparently, the picture will post, but not the audio. Live and learn.


Bryen said...

I think I may have turned that rooster away from the door about one-hundred times... then my daughter saw it and... the rest is a painful history of a strangled-sounding rooster crowing at me in the strangest places around the house... like a dark bathroom in the middle of the night. Bryen

Donna said...

LOL! Mark was trying to hood it with the conch shell. I caught him at it, mostly because I went in there to take the picture of it/record the sound, just as he was trying to put the shell over it. ;o)

We played jokes on each other while we were there, too. Mark and I have been known to put the stickers from produce on one another's belongings. (An apple sticker on his watch, a banana sticker on my glasses, etc.) We clued Aunt Rita in on this... and before we left, I hid a couple of peach stickers in the house for Aunt Rita to find after we were gone. :o)