Monday, August 13, 2007

I just got off the phone with the vet. Mark and I will be visiting my aunt for a few days; I've arranged to have the cats boarded, as well as getting their annual checkup and vaccinations, during that time.

I was originally going to just leave extra food and water, as I used to do for Melody and Harmony during brief getaways. But then I thought about it some more, and realized that Captain and Stanley play a lot more rambunctiously than their late sisters ever did. They're still good for knocking things over or crashing into things during a vigorous game of Chase My Brother, and that's WITH their Meowmy and Paw around to fuss over them at regular intervals. I don't want them to get into an accident of some kind, simply from the hazardous combination of being playful, curious, and bored.

The Stripe Committee is due for their shots, anyway. Might as well take care of everything at once -- they get checked, get vaccinated, get daily attention (though not as much doting as they'd receive at home), and they don't risk any of their nine lives by getting into unsupervised mischief. Everybody wins.

In other news, I got an automated note today from that left me feeling bittersweet. See, back in November, when I worked at the Fort Washington assignment, I had a Canon calculator in my cubicle that offered the capability of displaying the date and time. Unfortunately, I had no manual, nor was it immediately apparent how to SET the clock or calendar. Searching online for a manual proved fruitless, but I did run across the site, where people post questions about equipment issues.

Long story short: I posted my question, got an answer, and successfully set the time and date. And, apparently, I also remained subscribed to that topic, because someone posted comments to it today and I just got the email notice. Which, needless to say, was a reminder out of the blue about a calculator I no longer have access to, in a place where I no longer work.

Like I said, it's bittersweet. I really liked that place, even though the commute was a nightmare, and I was sorry to see the assignment end. Ah, well.

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