Thursday, August 02, 2007

I've gotten a virtual earful from one of my Faithful Readers, on the topic of earning pin money online vs. taking organ lessons and prepping for an actual part-time job. Joe is right on that score, but I'm probably going to keep looking for ways to earn a little "mad money" online, even after I'm proficient enough of an organist to earn money at it. :o)

In other news... these stories about the bridge collapse in Minneapolis are appalling and tragic. :o(

I keep wondering if we used that bridge at all during the AADB convention in St. Paul, the other Twin City, in 1992. I'm sure we used its companion bridge, I-35E, that leads to St. Paul.

Sending prayers and thoughts out for the victims and their loved ones. And a big "Thank God!" that everyone on the school bus got out safely.

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