Friday, August 31, 2007

Meowch. Captain's a tad less than enthused about playing with the Feather Toy at the moment.

The toy in question looks like an oddly-proportioned feather duster: the handle is about the length of my forearm, and the feathered part is about the size of the palm of my hand.

Normally, Captain loves chasing it, especially when I run it up and down the stairs. Or when I run it around him in circles on the stairs (as if he were chasing his tail).

But earlier today, in the midst of an "around and around" maneuver, he got a little overenthused and conked his poor fuzzy head with a resounding "bong" on the cast iron bannister. Owie. Poor kitty! That never happened before! :o(

So he's now giving the feather toy the hairy eyeball. I'm wondering how long it'll take before the Short Attention Span takes over and he forgets what happened. I hope soon; that's normally one of his favorite games.

I suspect his amnesia will set in as soon as he sees STANLEY playing with the feather toy, lol. That's usually good for a "Hey! That's *my* toy!" moment around here. ;o)

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