Sunday, August 12, 2007

From CNN's "Breaking News" text messages:

Merv Griffin, the entertainer and multimillionaire entrepreneur, has died at 82, AP reports.

There's one more fixture from my childhood gone. When I was in grade school and high school, all three major networks had talk shows on from 4-5 PM. KYW (Channel 3, NBC) not only had Mike Douglas, but for most of his program's long run, it was broadcast from KYW's own studio in Philadelphia. WPVI (Channel 6, ABC) had Merv Griffin, and WCAU (Channel 10, CBS) had Dinah Shore.

Dinah Shore passed away several years ago, and Mike Douglas passed away not all that long ago. (Last year or the year before, I think.) Now the last of the Big 3 talk show hosts is gone. :o( RIP.

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