Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Rejoice and be glad! I have a guestbook again!

I had one a couple years back, but the darn site that hosted it crashed, taking all its guestbooks with it. (Grumble mumble grumble.)

So check out the links on the left-hand side of the page, and by all means, sign the guestbook. :)

Actually, this has been one of several changes I've made to the blog's template within the past few days. I've also added a stats tracker (not visible on the page, but it was added to the template) that lets me see, for the first time, how many hits the site actually gets. The same source that provides the site traffic counter also provides free guestbooks, which is why I've got a guestbook up and running again at last.

I also added text ads to the page. Yep, you saw right. The little text ads up near the top are my doing, not something that Blogger threw in for fun. I did that because the ads are unobtrusive, they're based on the content of the site itself, and my readers might find them useful.

Don't be surprised if other minor blog tweaks happen here and there, over the next few days. There'll be nothing drastic. Consider it a bit of minor maintenance work.

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