Wednesday, August 08, 2007

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Nine in 10 Americans say ban texting while driving

To which, my first thought was, "Say what? NINE out of ten?"

What kind of fargin' moron thinks texting while driving is a good idea? More to the point, what kind of driving record does this person have?

Geesh. I'm as big of a technophile as there is, but even I know that when I'm driving, the only device I should be concerning myself with is the one with a steering wheel protruding from its dashboard. That's because I like breathing, and I'd like to continue doing so until I get the "cease and desist" order from my Maker. Moreover, I presume that the other people in my car, as well as the ones in the cars adjacent to mine, share that philosophy. And even though I've witnessed more than my share of Stupid Pedestrian Tricks while driving in South Philly, most persons travelling a piedi tend to want to remain among the living, as well.

Careless behavior behind the wheel is a sure-fire way to get a "cease and desist breathing" order sent to you and/or people in your immediate vicinity. Sending text messages while driving is a hobby that needs to be filed under "incompatible with life". Any driver who thinks otherwise needs to be filed under "driver's license suspended for criminally reckless behavior behind the wheel".

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