Thursday, August 16, 2007

OK, what *simpleton* installed this purse holder in the rest stop stall?

Women will immediately know the list of things that are wrong with this picture. So, since I would be astonished if there was an implement like this in men's rooms, let me bring the guys here up to speed. Purse holders, installed properly, are attached at the FRONT of the stall, not the back. They should fold upward, not horizontally. The flat part, when it's extended, should be parallel with the floor, not the wall.

The goal is to have it folded up and out of the way when it's not in use. But when it's needed, it can be unfolded to create a horizontal shelf, such that a purse can be placed on it. And, conveniently, when it's where it belongs in the front of the stall, you can't exit the stall without retrieving the purse and letting the metal shelf return to its upright position.

The way this is installed, it's completely unusable, unless you LIKE risking knocking your purse right into the toilet if you move the wrong way. (Presuming that your purse has a strap long enough to hang on that thing, since not even a Barbie-doll purse is small enough to balance on that one-inch horizontal surface.)

I'm having another "How is THIS numbwit employed, and I'm still seeking work?" moment.

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GameChewedGum said...

Bwahahaha! Can you imagine the hilarity if the baby changing table were installed the same way?