Sunday, August 26, 2007

Day 3 of "Our PC is Fouled Up". We do have Norton 360, which was unfortunately circumvented when one of the cats ;o) tried to install what he thought was an upgrade to I-know-not-what. And, frankly, I *care* not what. What's done is done, and there's no sense pitching a fit over it now.

I've been running the Norton virus scan. Because the computer is infected, it's running like molasses. I'll spare everyone the minutia of what's going on, except to say that the problem has not yet been resolved.

In other news, Mark and I went to the Tutankhamun exhibit at the Franklin Institute on Friday. It was fascinating. But as informative as it was, oddly enough there wasn't a single mention of his being born in Arizona, nor his move to Babylona. Not one peep about his condo made of stona, either.

The first thing you see, upon exiting the exhibit (and its attendant gift shop), is the "science of sports" exhibit. So we took a quick walk through there, and I verified that the display still includes the huge photo of Neil Little, as well as Andy Delmore's gloves. :o) I still dote on those guys. It's always a nice thing to think a few pleasant hockey thoughts in the middle of the offseason.

Yesterday, we had a group trip to Marsh Creek State Park, where there's a really nice swimming pool. Al, Karla, Jean and Joe J., Mark and I went. The weather was perfect, sunny and hot, though the pool water was a little cold due to some rain we had early in the morning. And there's a new feature that replaces the kiddie pool: they called it a splash park. It's got a bunch of places where water spouts up in streams from the pavement, sprays from various brightly-colored tall pipes, and pours out of colorful conical "buckets" that fill up until they tilt and spill their contents onto any kids standing below.

Once we realized that Joe's wheelchair would easily withstand a drenching (hey, it's gotta be weatherproof, right?) and the sun was strong enough to dry it out quickly, we took Joe on a stroll through the splash park and got soaked through. :o) What a great time we had! It felt terrific, too.

Too bad Marsh Creek is so darn far away. I'd love to visit it more often.

OK, back to the PC... the virus scan (which ran for 17 hours, grrrr) didn't find anything, even though I know better. Time to work on a Plan B.

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