Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My CareerLink appointment this morning has had to be rescheduled. I don't have a problem with that. What I DO have a problem with is the difficulty I've had actually speaking to the person who's working with me on the resume-revamping. She visits multiple CareerLink sites during the week, and her only time in the office I visit is Wednesdays. Fine. I've left two voice mails, for her and for someone who helps keep track of her schedule when she's not on site, and haven't been called back yet. NOT fine.

Also not fine was the "And yet, this person is working and I'm not" moment I had this morning, when trying to reach the lady from CareerLink. I got one of the two receptionists when I called in.

"Hello, my name is Donna M___ and I'm trying to reach ____etta."

"And the purpose of your call?"

"I had an appointment with her this morning. When I called yesterday to talk to her, I was told to call back this morning because she's only on site on Wednesdays. Yesterday, I left a voice mail for B___ who handles ____etta's schedule when she's not in the office, but I'd like to speak to ____etta to arrange a new appointment time."

"Please hold."

[Three or four minutes later]

"I'm sorry, we don't have anyone on our list by that name."

"But I met with her last Wednesday at your site."

"Perhaps you meant the [alternate office location] site and not here?"

"Yours is the only site I've ever visited. I've been there three times so far."

"Well we don't have a Donna that works here."

"No, *I'M* Donna. I'm trying to reach ____etta! SHE works there."

"And you work for CareerLink?"

"No, I'm a CONSUMER with CareerLink".

"We don't have a Donna here."

"NO!" By this point I was exasperated and starting to raise my voice. I was up sick all fargin' night, never even fell asleep until about 5:30 AM, and I got back up at 7 AM specifically to start calling this place so I'd catch them when their phones came back online. My patience was now officially shot. "My name is DONNA M___. I am an UNEMPLOYED PERSON. I am working with ____etta to REDESIGN MY RESUME and I had an APPOINTMENT THIS MORNING WHICH WAS CANCELLED. I want to RESCHEDULE IT and I'm TRYING TO SPEAK TO HER."



[more pause]

"Let me connect you to her voice mail."

"Thank you."

[call is transferred to ____etta's voice mail]

GEEZE! What freakin' LANGUAGE do I speak? How does this person not know the names of the freaking people who work in her own office? Even if they don't work there every day, they make APPOINTMENTS there on a regular basis.

Oh, and remember that opportunity I posted about weeks ago, that was supposed to pay for people to read text files aloud and post the audio files on their site? I completed their first assignment, three audio files, way back then.

Have they paid YOU for those three recordings? That's how they've paid me. Oh, well. I wasn't expecting a lot out of that, and at least it didn't cost me any money to try it. (Had there been a fee involved, I WOULDN'T have tried it. I'm not falling for that kind of scam.)

On the other hand, pin money might not be impossible to come by on the internet. I ran across a site last night called I'm going through it now to see if there's anything on there that's a viable option for bringing in a bit of spare change. Ya never know.

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