Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I just saw an online ad for Dell computers. The slogan was, "Energy efficiency HP can't beat".

Well, I am posting from an OLPC XO-1, and NEITHER of your companies can beat THIS device for energy efficiency. Even the other ultra-compact subnotebooks that have hit the market since the XO don't use as little energy as the XO. Which is good, because in the targer market of the XO, developing countries, electricity is expensive and unreliable.

Top THAT, Dell and HP. :oD

In other energy-conserving news, I am still seriously considering getting a Prius. Never having been in the market for a new car before, I almost took a coronary when I saw the sticker price. But the way gas prices are climbing uncontrollably, I genuinely believe that a hybrid car is the way to go. I feel like my two choices are "spend the money on the car" or "spend it filling the gas tank". (Keeping my current 19-year-old vehicle would allow for a third option, "spend it at the mechanic's shop", because the car is getting senile and replacement parts are hard to find.)

There is, however, no doubt that if I pursue the career I want, training disabled consumers to use assistive technology devices, it will most likely involve in-home training and that means I will need a reliable vehicle. So a car purchase is most likely the way I'll be going. Eventually.

First, I need to get some responses to the questions I emailed last week regarding the training I will need to obtain in order to work in this field. Then I'll know what kind of tuition I'm looking at, and THEN I will know what kind of finances I've got to fund a car purchase.

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