Thursday, June 12, 2008

For goodness sakes! really needs to do something about the way their site is designed.

I ordered a very reasonably-priced Garmin GPS device from because it was listed as being compatible with my cell phone. In other words, this item talks to the GPS satellites, and it's supposed to use my cell phone as the display. Fine.

Well, I got it today. Yay! But the freaking maps came on the wrong kind of memory card. My phone has a microSD slot. The maps came on a miniSD card, which is too large to fit in my phone's card slot.

So I went to to find out how to exchange the card for one in a size I can use. First of all, their site is separated into all these different "markets", including "On the Road" (which is what I figured my device would be listed under), "On the Water", and several other listings, none of which seemed to fit. Darn if I could find my device listed under anything in the "On the Road" category, and believe me, I looked through the multiple lists with a fine-tooth comb.

You HAVE to be able to tell them what device you're writing about, when you send a request to their customer support, so I had no choice but to keep searching their site. Finally, I found it on one of the lists in the "On the Go" category. WTH? Aren't ALL their GPS devices for people who are on the go?

Anyway, so there's five minutes of my life gone right there, figuring out how to tell them what fargin' device I own. I wish I could have just TYPED the freakin' name in. It would have taken two seconds instead of five minutes.

So then I enter my question. No problem. I make sure all the required info is entered. Great.

I click "Send". I get a little hourglass under my mouse pointer for a couple of seconds. The letter remains on the screen, rather than changing to a new screen that says, "Your message has been sent".

Hmm, that's odd. I click "Send" two more times. The same thing happens. It looks just like it's going through the sending process, but it never TELLS me the darn message has been sent.

Something tells me to click on my account history at this point. Sure enough, I have THREE emails to support, all with the same title.

Because their site never told me that my message was sent, they now have THREE copies of the same question sitting in their inbox waiting for attention. Oh, joy of joys. How the heck was I supposed to know that my emails were being sent if their site doesn't give me any feedback?

Boy, I don't know who designed their freakin' website, but do I ever have a list of suggestions for how they can make their site easier to navigate. I have half a mind to send them ANOTHER email telling them that they need to inform the user when their message has been sent.

Heck, maybe I'll send them three or four emails telling them that they need to inform the user when the message has been sent. :o) I have a feeling they're used to getting duplicate requests.

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