Thursday, June 26, 2008

Know what drives me nuts? Clicking on what looks like a news article, only to discover that it's a video instead.

I wish these things would offer a printed transcript of their video. I read faster than many people speak, plus I can skim through print content in a way that I can't do with a video. Heck, I can also PRINT print content if it contains information that I'd like to keep handy.

I guess I don't like being forced into watching videos to get my information because then the makers of the video are controlling how much time I spend on absorbing their information, and where I access it, instead of me. I want the option to read at my leisure, or quickly, or to print the info and read it when I'm away from the computer and/or share it with others.

For that matter, it's the same with audio podcasts. if I ran the world, there would be text transcripts of all of those available online, as well.

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