Saturday, June 21, 2008

They Get Younger Every Year

Having watched the NHL Draft, I have a few observations to make.

1. They claim that they're drafting 18-year-olds, but every year those kids look younger and younger. Mark claims that it's the kids staying the same age and the rest of us getting older every year, but I refuse to buy it. ;o) I'm telling you, the players get younger by the day. Soon they'll be drafting kindergartners, I swear. :oD

2. So anyway, they're drafting these 18-year-old kids, and all I have to say is this. WHERE were the 18-year-olds that looked like some of these kids when I was in high school? Holy cow, some of those fellows are really nice-looking guys. I suspect that any team they play for will see an uptick in their population of female fans, right from the moment these young'uns join the roster.

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