Monday, June 23, 2008

I just got off the phone from the vet's office. I arranged for the cats to be boarded while I'm in Louisville, and also for them to have their regular checkup, vaccines, and teeth cleaning. (Unfortunately, Captain and Stanley seem to have a genetic issue that makes them prone to gingivitis. So they're going to need their teeth cleaned more often than average, poor li'l guys.)

I'm glad this vet's office allows for cats to be boarded together in the same cage ("Kitty Condo", as they call it). That way they'll be company for each other while they're there.

They've never been away longer than two nights before. This could be culture shock for them. Fortunately, they love to be doted on, so it should be easy for the staff there to fuss over them and play with them.

So I have time to prepare now for the fact that I will have two Velcro Kitties in a few weeks. ;o) Purring ankle bracelets are the new style now, don't you know?

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