Sunday, June 22, 2008

My comment to Mark, as we were driving to Deptford in his car: "You ARE taking this car to [the mechanic]'s." My car stalls, but his has no pickup. We need to hit the lotto and get His and Hers cars. Really. My car definitely needs to be replaced if I'm going to get any kind of work that involves driving, but guess what? HIS car is getting on in years, too (though it's not as old as mine).

I got an email today about a potential temp job assignment. That's the good news. The bad news is, it's in "Northern Delaware'. With gas prices as they are, it might not be worth it to take the assignment if it's not accessible via public transit. Plus, there are multiple shifts available, and the job could go as late as 9 PM.

No way on this earth do I want to work that late, public transit or no public transit. ESPECIALLY NOT if I take public transit, as I probably wouldn't get home until after 11 PM if I took DART+SEPTA to this job. Uh, how about NO.

But I will call the temp agency and see if I can pin down some details like if the job can be reached via public transit and what the chances are that I can get a job during the first shift.

Oh, and since it's a call center, I would like to know WHAT kind of calls this center is processing. The last call-center job I had was with Nameless Nationwide Department Store, and it was telling people that their repairs had to be rescheduled. Translation: I got screamed at and cussed at all day. NOT my idea of a good time. That was the job that inspired me to coin the phrase, "Harridan of the Day", the title which I awarded to the rudest or nastiest person I dealt with on the phone on a given day.

Anyway, we'll see what happens. If this doesn't pan out because of the commute or the time frame, maybe they can come up with something closer to home and first shift. If it's harridan-free into the bargain, so much the better.

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