Saturday, June 07, 2008

Well, the next race could be when history is made! Post time for the Belmont Stakes, the 11th race of the day, is 6:25 PM EDT.

The 10th race was run on the inner turf track, of which Belmont has two. I was surprised to see the starting gate set up near us, as we're in the standing-room-only area near the finish line.

But the horses started from that place and proceeded to run farther than one complete circuit of the track. They barreled right past the finish line the first time. Meanwhile, track workers sprang into action the moment the horses were gone. They reminded me of ants as some towed the starting gate away, others removed the sheets of plywood (or whatever) that protected the turf it sat on, and still others swarmed over the flattened turf, raking it back to life. They were all done their work and off the track by the time the horses came back past that spot, on the way to the finish line.

It was neat to watch. :o)

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