Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Deaf Church service was amazing. It started off with a *very loud* gong that was easy to feel and hear. And when I say loud, I mean "knock you out of the pew" loud. :o) I wasn't expecting it, and I must have jumped ten feet in the air, LOL. They rang it 3 times to call everyone to attention. *GONG* "In the name of the Father." *GONG* "And of the Son." *GONG* "And of the Holy Spirit."

They also signed hymns in ASL, not in English, to the rhythm of a bass drum. It was a thoroughly enjoyable service, and we had quite the relay interpreting system going. Signing was done on the altar, and though it was voice interpreted, we had our own ASL 'terp for the deaf-blind group. We were seated off to the side, so the altar wasn't always visible to our sighted interpreters. So I copied the signing of the people on the altar, our ASL interpreter (whose back was to the altar) copied me, and any of our sighted deaf interpreters who couldn't see the altar copied HER. It was fun. :o)

Gotta scoot. What an exhausting, fun day. :o)

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