Monday, June 09, 2008

Hmm. My first attempt to send this post seems to have gone to the ozone. Let's try this again, shall we? (Now watch, the original post will magically appear after I publish this one, I bet.)

The PPPC Meeting location was air-conditioned, to everyone's great relief. We have had some meetings in the past, particularly in August, when the meeting site's air conditioner was not on. After a day as hot as today, that would have been a recipe for a mass case of heat exhaustion. We still kept the meeting to approximately a half hour in length, though.

I have learned, after a couple of instances of corrupted memory cards over the years, to ALWAYS create a separate backup copy of the minutes the moment I get home. So now I place a copy of the minutes on Google Documents. That's the most convenient place to put it, since I can then work on the document from any computer with an internet connection. That's a great time-saver.

We are supposed to have one more swelteringly hot day on Tuesday, and then some rain on Tuesday night is supposed to cool things down. Good. I have a few errands I'd like to run, so I will save them until Wednesday. No need to risk heat exhaustion from having to walk or drive my non-air-conditioned car in this weather.

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