Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I check the stats for my blog on a regular basis. It doesn't tell me specifically WHO accesses it, not down to the level of an individual's name or email address. But it DOES tell me what ISP the people who access the blog are using. (I get a LOT of hits from Verizon users, with the next-most hits coming from comcast subscribers.)

But occasionally, there'll be a surprising visitor.

For example, there's this, from early this morning (or late yesterday evening, if you're coming from the user's timeframe):

Translated into English, someone from Microsoft not only visited my blog, but did so by using my blog's actual URL as the search term. That, of course, made me curious as to how they came upon my blog's address in the first place. I'm thinking that it came about when my Zune-related posts ended up getting my blog listed on a techie site last Friday.

So hey there, up there in Redmond! I have a background of 12 years in IT, plus I like gadgets. If you're interested in, say, having a person in Philly demo-ing Zunes or something, just say the word. I've got free time during the day -- I can traverse Center City Philadelphia and the most-used SEPTA routes, using my Zune to send tunes to other Zunes that I find. Email me. Better yet, hire me.

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