Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I just made my first purchase from the Amazonmp3.com. They're the first online mp3 store that offers exactly what I want -- DRM-free music that you can buy PER SONG or PER ALBUM. Unlike other online stores I've visited, you don't have to pay $10 or however much in advance, then gradually deplete your balance by using it to purchase songs. (I don't know if iTunes wants you to pay in advance, as I haven't got an iPod and I've I've never visited their store. I don't even have iTunes loaded on this PC.)

I feel almost compelled to visit Amazon's MP3 store for whatever music I want that they have, just to vote with my wallet for the kind of online music store I want to see thrive. So for good measure, I cast votes by way of Neil Diamond and Handel's Messiah. :o)

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