Thursday, September 27, 2007

Note to self: when purchasing albums that contain more than one disc, check the track info prior to syncing the music onto the music player.

Jesus Christ Superstar contains 2 discs, or at least it would if I'd purchased it on CD. When I synced the music, the tracks were all out-of-order. A little research resolved the question: the order they appeared in was "Track 1 from both discs, Track 2 from both discs, etc...". I figured out how to edit the song information so that the tracks from disc 2 would come after all the tracks on disc 1. I numbered them 15-26, and all the song lined themselves up in the correct order. :o)

Delete out-of-sequence album from Zune, re-synchronize device, get correctly-sequenced JCS album on Zune. File it under "Yay". :o)

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