Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Finally, my template updates are complete for the time being. Outdated links are absolutely, positively all gone, and new links to sites I favor have been added.

All's right with the world. :o)

Edit: The world just got even better. Seems that Amazon has launched an MP3 store whose tracks have no DRM (digital rights management) protection -- hence, they can play on any MP3 device or any computer at any time. Unlike the various online-music-download sites that are having format wars, so that their offerings will only play on some devices but not others, THIS music is playable by everyone.

Sign me the heck up. Here's to seeing more of this and less (read: *no*) DRM nonsense as time progresses. I *want* to purchase music legally, but I also want to play MY music that I bought with MY money at any time. Imagine if we had to purchase separate brands of players to listen to our various CDs from different recording labels (or, for those of us who are a few years older, different cassette and record players). Recorded music would never have become the popular commodity that it is if people had to invest in multiple types of the same freaking playback device, and then figure out which device would play which CD/tape/record, every time they wanted to listen to a song that they'd bought legally and with their own money.

Record companies, do us a favor. Charge us a fair price for the digital version of the song, let us play it on any device we own, and let that be that.

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