Sunday, September 23, 2007

Freakin' mail-to-blogger appears to be out of whack again. I tried sending this twice from my cell phone, and neither post has shown up yet.

Now watch -- I'll post this manually, and then the freakin' posts will come back from the ozone and both get published to the blog. That'd be my luck. If it happens, I'll delete the duplicates once I find them -- but if they show up and you happen to see three of the same post, it's only because I haven't seen the excess posts yet.

OK, now, having said all that, here's the post I tried to email:

Mark and I went to the St. Pio Festival (formerly called the Padre Pio Festival) at Annunciation BVM parish. Next weekend, Epiphany parish is having their Italian Festival, and I believe that in a couple of weeks, St. Nick's parish is will have their festival weekend. South Philly is hopping. :o)

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