Thursday, September 06, 2007

The latest:

As I said, I called Temp Agency A, the one I submitted my resume to. I wasn't satisfied with their answer ("We're still waiting to hear back from [employer]"), so I called Temp Agency B, the Philly-based office of the agency whose suburban office I've already worked with.

Agency B instructed me regarding whom I should email, explaining who I was and which job I wanted to be considered for, along with my resume. So I did.

Now I'm awaiting a return call from them.

On to other topics: I posted earlier today that we've lost one of the all-time musical greats, Luciano Pavarotti. In tribute, here's a youtube video of him performing Nessun Dorma. Thank GOD for recording technology, so that future generations won't miss out on hearing one of the most brilliant voices in history.

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