Sunday, September 02, 2007

We had everyone here for Labor Day this afternoon. Joe M., Bob, John, Karla, and Al came over. I'm sure Joey D would have been here, also, if he hadn't had prior plans to visit the shore. We had rigatoni and ricotta; Joe M.'s mom made the gravy (or if you're a non-South-Philly native and/or not Italian, you might refer to it as "sauce") for the rigatoni. It was out of this freaking world. :o)

It was a nice time, and the cats got to be spoiled by a bunch more people than usual. They even stationed themselves at their "lifeguard post" outside the bathroom when guests went in. :o) I'm used to being greeted by a fuzzface or two upon exiting the necessary, but I got a kick out of the cats watching out for our visitors, too.

Right now, the Stripe Committee is upstairs watching Mark install the DSL software. I googled the error message we were getting last night, and found that the DSL CD itself was looking for Flash in the wrong place. The suggested solution said to rename a copy of the current Flash file to "Flash.ocx". I did that and bingo! End of problem. Mark was able to complete the installation and get online... at which point, he discovered that his fantasy baseball team is likely to miss the playoffs. Phooey. I'm not sure how much difference it would have made to his playoff hopes to have been able to update his team's lineup during non-working hours during the past week and a half, but I'm sure it wouldn't have hurt matters.

Next up: re-installing all the freaking software like the printer and scanner drivers, Word, photo editing software, etc. If tomorrow's weather is as beautiful as it's predicted to be, there's no way I'm spending all day in the computer room. The installation will have to wait until Tuesday. Tomorrow, I have plans involving a beach chair, a book, a radio, and the patio. :o)

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