Friday, September 21, 2007

Besides offering some pretty neat items for sale at reasonable prices, has a sense of humor.

Today, they're taking a poke at both Microsoft and Apple. They're offering a MS Zune player at $20 less than they sold it for last month (shades of the $200 price cut on the Apple iPhone ten weeks after the device was first released), and in a long-winded "open letter" offering a tongue-in-cheek apology, they're also offering a $10 coupon for a future Woot purchase to anyone who purchased a Zune at the higher price last month (shades of Apple's offer of $100 Apple Store credit to anyone who bought the full-priced iPhone).

So, why am I laughing? Because I get a kick out of anybody tweaking the big companies like that, and because I just received a $10 coupon out of the blue. What can I say in response but "Woot!"

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