Tuesday, September 04, 2007

How stupid are these spammers? I mean, if they're going to set up multiple fake Myspace profiles and try to entice people to become their friends, shouldn't they send their targets fake friend requests from profiles with DIFFERENT content?

I just got four "friend requests" from complete strangers, all within a few minutes of each other (the first red flag that the sending was automated).

They all claimed to be in their mid-40s, but their profiles all had exactly the same text, beginning with this:

"Hey everyone!
I've been hearing all the hype about having a MySpace profile but I never tried it out until now! I'm a college student and who loves listening to music and hanging out with my friends."

Yeah, gotta love those 45-year-old college students who spend their time listening to music and hanging out with friends. Maybe all four of my spammers attend the same college, so they can hang out together instead of with people less than half their age.

The profiles, again in identical text, all went on to describe how their owners earn "enough money to cover expenses" filling out online surveys, since they spend so much time in classes that they haven't got time to get a real job. Followed by, "Click this link if you want to earn money doing surveys, too".

Yeah, right. I'm still working on reviving our PC from the virus(es) it had -- which came on board after the cats ;o) clicked the wrong thing -- and I'm going to click on some unknown link sent by a total stranger. Maybe right after H*ll freezes over. I returned to my "friend requests" list and clicked "Mark as Spam" for all four of them.

Freaking pains in the rump. Spammers need to fall off the same cliff that the malware writers need to be tossed from.

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