Monday, August 18, 2008


Yay, I just checked the juror call-in number to see what my instructions are for tomorrow.

Turns out that "the number of jurors required for tomorrow has changed. Therefore, you will NOT be required to report for jury duty, and you will not be summoned again for at least one year."

Hooray. I'm not one to shirk jury duty -- witness my decision a few years ago to go in anyway, even though I was excused from service. At the time, I had been looking forward to getting a day's break from the spitework-fest workplace I was in. So I didn't want to know about "you don't have to report" -- I wanted my "one day or one trial" away from those fargin' people and I went in anyway.

This time, though, I'll take them up on their offer to stay home. I have medical testing and surgery scheduled for the next ten days, and if I get picked for a trial, it will make a royal hash of my plans. OK, I realize that if I could provide valid proof, they'd reschedule it, but this was ALREADY a rescheduled jury summons from last spring. They might not be too enthralled at the idea of rescheduling someone twice in a row. So being excused from service outright is a Good Thing for me right about now.

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