Saturday, August 09, 2008

The good news: the Wilmington Blue Rocks are playing at home tonight. The bad news: their game starts in ten minutes. We're close to Wilmington, but not THAT close. We'd need a helicopter to get to the game on time. Plus, there's no guarantee that we wont' encounter another sellout, because it's PERFECT weather to attend a baseball game. Taking SEPTA to CBP and finding out that the game is sold out is no real inconvenience, other than using up a few tokens we wouldn't otherwise have used. Driving to Wilmington and finding out that the game is sold out would be a downright pain in the rump, not to mention a waste of gas. So I guess we'll be watching some Olympic events on TV tonight.

Maybe we can try the Phillies game tomorrow, if we want to brave the possibility of rain. Probability, actually, since the sky's full of the cirrus clouds that generally mean "rain is on the way within 24 hours".

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