Friday, August 01, 2008

We're home!

I'm glad to report that the SkyRide was working fine on all counts before we left the park. :)

Boy, is my knee sore. I think I banged it on the Runaway Train roller coaster (one of the few coasters I can definitely ride without risking motion sickness issues). Oh, well, it's worth it. I took some ibuprofen when we got in the door.

I also had to fix my glasses. I'd noticed over the past few days that the glasses sounded funny when I folded/extended the arms, but I couldn't see where the problem was. Well, when I took my glasses off in advance of the log flume, suddenly the right-hand-side arm was VERY loose and I could see quite clearly where the problem was. One of the screws was halfway out. EEEEK! What timing! :P So my glasses made it on a wing and a prayer through the rest of the day, and fortunately, the screw stayed in place and didn't get lost. I needed my jewelry-making needle-nose pliers to realign the arm properly, but between that and the glasses-repair screwdriver, I managed to get the screw back in place. Note to self: stop falling asleep while wearing the darn glasses in the first place, and these things won't happen.

Good news -- this is one night that I DEFINITELY don't think I'll have insomnia. ;)

Off to catch up on mail, etc. Later!

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