Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh, boy. What a day. I've been on the phone with my parents several times because Aunt Rita is in the hospital.

She went to the doctor for blood tests, and her blood sugar was so high, they called her to come back in. While she was there the second time, she fell and broke her shoulder. :( So now, between the high blood sugar and the injury, she's been admitted to the hospital. My parents are going to see her tomorrow, so Mark and I are going with them.

Sigh. I was concerned about her blood sugar last week while we were there, but there were so many factors that could have affected it, I kept quiet. For one thing, I'm sure our eating schedule was way different from her normal schedule. Second of all, though she had a houseful of people all week, that day was especially chaotic because we had one additional group of people visiting during the day and a separate group coming for dinner. I know that stress can elevate blood sugar, though I have my doubts that it should have elevated it to the number Aunt Rita reported after breakfast.

Anyway, what's done is done, and now the good news is that she can work with her doctors to straighten out the blood sugar issues. If she needs to tweak her diet or have her prescriptions adjusted, so be it. As for the shoulder injury... well, ARGH, I haven't got much good to say about that. :( But at least it happened with medical personnel RIGHT THERE and at least it's being treated right away. It didn't happen, say, while she was at home alone, and treatment wasn't postponed by her trying to tough it out instead of having a doctor check it out.

DARN all these medical things going on, though. Aunt Rita, John R. (bypass), Joe M's mom (with broken bones in her foot), Joe M's brother (no longer in remission)... and I could extend the list from there, as there are two family friends who are also battling cancer.

Everyone who reads this, kindly stay in one piece for me. I've had FAR more than enough bad news about loved ones in the past couple of months. Better yet, please generate some GOOD news, then email me with it so I can post about it. :)

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