Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Stories from last week in Brigantine...

Little Connell was awake from his nap, after a frenetic day at the beach, and it was around dinnertime. Aunt Rita was in the process of making a pasta known as "bowties" in English and "farfalle" (butterflies) in Italian.

We knew that he was hungry, and that he was likely to be back asleep before the main course was ready -- the bowties were to be baked with ricotta, tomato gravy (a.k.a. "sauce" for the people who are neither Italian-American nor from South Philly), and mozzarella into a lasagna-like dish. So Aunt Rita said to him, "Do you want some pasta?"


"We have some bowties. Do you like those?"

"No. No bowties."

"How about some farfalle, then?"


So Connell got his farfalle. Three bowls' worth, in fact. :) But make sure you give him farfalle, not bowties. He likes the one, but not the other. :o)

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