Thursday, August 07, 2008

The answers are in

Well, the results are in. The knee/ankle x-rays discovered a bone spur in the ankle. Considering the number of sprains that ankle has had, I'm surprised that's all they found in there. (P.S. Where was this diagnosis last December when I had a different set of x-rays on the same ankle?)

But the ankle isn't anywhere near the main source of the discomfort. The knee is, and the MRI found what the x-ray didn't. Torn cartilage, fluid in the joint, and problems with the patella (kneecap). Given the list of symptoms, none of this is surprising.

Frankly, I'm RELIEVED that there are finally names given to the reasons why the darn knee is perpetually giving problems. Next step: call the orthopedist for an appointment. Once he sees the MRI images and the written report, he'll have an idea of what to recommend as a course of treatment.

My primary care doc fully expects physical therapy to be part of the regimen. Been there, done that, and if doing it again makes things improve, I'm all for it. But as for the rest of the treatment options, that could range anywhere from a cortisone shot to surgery. Obviously, I'd prefer less invasive procedures, but I'm willing to consider anything that would resolve the symptoms.

Having answers is good. Coming up with a plan of action is even better. Tomorrow, the orthopedist's office gets a call and I get an appointment set up. Then I'll just take it from there.

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