Saturday, August 23, 2008


My parents, Mark, and I went to see Aunt Rita this afternoon. OUCH. She shattered the ball of her shoulder when she fell. :(

The orthopedist came in while we were visiting, to discuss the injury. He said, to make a long story less long, that while this sort of injury is often treated by surgery, in my aunt's case (as an 82-year-old diabetic) they were going to go with therapy. (He wasn't quite as blunt as that, but that was his main point.)

When the ball of the shoulder is injured, it often heals larger than it was before. That means the range of motion is reduced. One way to counteract this is to move the shoulder, because that acts like packing a snowball together.

Hearing this made me wince inside, though I hope I kept the expression on my face from showing as much upset as I felt. :( What a cruddy injury for anyonem let alone someone in her 80s.

Where can I file to have the law of gravity repealed?

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