Sunday, August 31, 2008

In today's bandage-fest, I managed to get nearly all the ink off my knee. Yes, they WROTE on my knee. From the look of the marking, they indicated the places to avoid vs. places to use when inserting the instruments. Fortunately, the ink they used is very amenable to being removed by plain soap and water. So except for some small areas that were way too close to the incisions to risk being cleaned vigorously, the ink is all gone.

Even the incisions are allowed to be cleaned -- I just can't scrub those areas yet. But I can carefully wash the knee off and pat it dry, which I did before applying new band-aids.

Then I had another session of "Fun With Giant Ace Bandages". The original application of the ace bandages (there are two of them) was as follows: one started out around my foot and was wound around the leg up to the calf. Then the second one went from there, up to mid-thigh, and then back down until it ran out of length.

Well, have you ever tried to apply an ace bandage to your foot when you're not supposed to bend your knee? I eventually got it done, but not without reciting a lot of Italian vocabulary that I normally employ to describe the drivers who cut me off or the referees who make bad calls. ;)

At least now the bandage-fest is in place and can be left alone for the time being. I'm back to propping the leg up and icing it down. RICE* is good.

* RICE = Rest, Ice, Compression, & Elevation

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